Peter Davis of PDMedia is professionally skilled in the areas of 3D realtime simulations, forensic animation reconstructions and engineering visualizations. He maintains the high degree of accuracy required for engineering tolerances and courtroom admissibility due in part to a previous background in civil construction document production.

Additionally he has written foundation documentation in support of forensic animations, having an affinity for technical writing as well as proofreading. He has been producing computer graphics professionally since 1992, including a number of years as a 3D Artist/Animator in electronic game development, and can currently deliver accurate, high quality product utilizing 3D Studio Max.

One example of forensic 3D work includes modeling of the driver approach shown in the image below. (Click to view video.) Please access the top menu to see more examples of Peter Davis' work in his portfolio section.

PRELIMINARY VEHICULAR ACCIDENT SCENE- lighting and camera motion path for display purposes (case settled before simulation creation). By permission, PSI, 2003 .


Legal Notice: All graphic content is the property of Peter Davis or the respective owners, please do not use without permission.